Publications and information on a range of peace and security issues are available on the website of Project Ploughshares.

See also the blog of Ernie Regehr, O.C., the co-founder of Project Ploughshares, for his weekly columns on arms control, disarmament, and the resolution of armed conflict. Ernie Regehr's "Disarming Conflict" Blog

Abolition Links

Project Ploughshares is a member of the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. The Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW)

Peace Puppets Links


StoryJam will now continue the great Puppets for Peace tradition! StoryJam, a Calgary-based peace arts company, now presents the puppet shows started by Project Ploughshares. StoryJam is comprised of three passionate peace proponents: Fif Fernandes and Hamish Boyd, professional performers who have been involved in Project Ploughshares for years, and Carolyn Pogue, a Calgary author who wrote one of our scripts, "Birds of a Feather."

StoryJam is committed to the puppetry work pioneered in Calgary by Project Ploughshares. StoryJamcontinues to offer a choice of three age-appropriate, interactive puppet presentations with peaceful relationships as the central theme. In addition, children learn about how bullying fits into the bigger "peace picture." Teachers receive peace resources, including The Family Covenant of Nonviolence which they may photocopy and incorporate into their class work or send home with students.

Kindergarten and Grade 1: Friendship skills Grades 1 to 3: Steps to handle bullying Grades 4 to 6: Active citizenship arising from a bullying situation

In addition to the puppet presentations, StoryJam will be happy to discuss other peace options with you for students to grade 12, teachers and other adults. StoryJam offers workshops on peace through writing, laughter, camps and much more.

Please contact StoryJam: Fif Fernandes through or Carolyn Pogue through or

Bully Proofing Resources

Anti-Bullying Resources

Bully proofing

Team Heroes for students, originating in Alberta

B-Free for students, originating in Alberta for students and teachers, originating in Alberta

Bully-Free Alberta for teachers, originating in Alberta

Red Cross has tips for parents, schools, Stand UP 2 Bullying pages that appeal to youth, resources, and Real Life Stories

Red Cross also has some good background articles. Outlines the RespectED programs. The Canadian Red Cross decided in 2008 to shrink the personnel doing this program in Junior and Senior High Schools. Instead there is their internet material, including the Red Cross's on-line learning home page for training to become a RespectED Educator

StoryJam for teachers and parents. StoryJam now runs the Peace Puppet Program. On their site you will find other peace activities and resources. Originated in Alberta